Message from the Barnes Family

I want to thank God, my family, friends, and great leaders that has helped us thus far. It has been 10 months since Phylicia S. Barnes was reported missing and later found murdered. There is still NO justice.

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1 Year Later: A Call To Action

  One year ago Phylicia Barnes was taken from us. The case still remains active but an arrest has yet to be made. Please come out and join the family of Phylicia Barnes as they help bring awareness to the Baltimore community about missing and exploited children and adults.

Bringing Awareness To The Community

Join us today as we support The Maryland Task Force For The Missing and Unidentified. The Barnes Family along with many other families will be out in the community speaking about their loves ones. There will be a table set up for Phylicia will the community can sign and take part in the online petition: Justice for Phylicia. Where: Bazensky's Furniture Location: ... Conitnue Reading

How Can You Help?

Everyday, somewhere, someone is doing their part in getting JUSTICE for Phylicia. Even if you can't get out there on the streets with the family, you can do your part by signing the petition that will be presented to the city of Baltimore. The following online petition is now available: To: Baltimore City Police Department Subject: Justice For Phylicia Simone Barnes We, the undersigned, have patiently awaited an arrest in the murder of Phylicia ... Conitnue Reading

Heat Wave

As temperatures rise in the Baltimore area so does the pressure. The Barnes family is still demanding justice for our loved one, Phylicia. Today marks seven months since Phylicia disappeared. Harry Watson goes back to where this horrible nightmare begins, Reistertown Square Apartments. There he stands with a familiar sign that he holds all over the ... Conitnue Reading

Remembering Phylicia

There will be a rally/vigil at City Hall marking 6 months since Phylicia went missing. Details below: Where: City Hall, Baltimore City When: June 28, 2011 Time: 7pm -8:30pm

Justice For Phylicia

ATTENTION EVERYONE: Don't you forget, because we haven't forgotten about our loved one, PHYLICIA BARNES. We want justice! We want answers! Don't let this horrible tragedy go unpunished or go unanswered. We are approaching the 6 months since the disappearance of Phylicia, and still no answers. We need your help Baltimore City. We need your help Maryland. We need YOUR ... Conitnue Reading

Remembering Phylicia

A Celebration of Life was held in Baltimore for Phylicia on May 14, 2011. Family members and the community gathered at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church and Ministries to remember the life a young college-bound female that was destined for great opportunities. Honored speakers included Marcus Strider on behalf of the Guardian Angels, Don Rondeau of TSSI Inc., and Harry Watson (Phylicia's Uncle). The officiator was Pastor Larondi Flowers. The ... Conitnue Reading

A Celebration of Life

A Celebration of Life! (Baltimore's Final Farewell) Memorial Service for Phylicia Simone Barnes will be Saturday, May 14th at 10 am. Service will be held here in Baltimore at Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries. Located at 6000 Radecke Ave. Baltimore, Maryland 21206. The service is open to all who wish to attend! For info call 1-800-844-9251

Final Candle Light Vigil To Be Held Thursday, April 28th

The Barnes family would like to encourage the community to come out and participate in one last candle light vigil for Phylicia Barnes. Phylicia was discovered last week in the Conowingo damn outside of Baltimore. The vigil will be held on Thursday, April 28th, 2011 from 7pm-9pm at Reistertown Square Apartments. The gathering will take place outside of 6520 Eberle Lane, Baltimore, ... Conitnue Reading

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